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document Can't Connect to Network When Using Ethernet Adapter with a Mac
The most common issue we here about when using our USB to Ethernet adapters with a Mac is an inability to connect to the network. If the USB port is functioning properly and the ethernet cable used is not defective, are two common causes that could be to blame.  Using the Correct...
rating 21 Oct, 2016 Comments: 0
document Windows 10 Anniversary Update effects on DisplayLink Adapters
Windows 10 Anniversary Update Effects on DisplayLink Adapters Cable Matters adapters supported by DisplayLink software are now even easier to use and install for Windows 10 users.  With the Windows 10 Anniversary Update our DisplayLink adapters use the new native DisplayLink USB graphics...
rating 21 Oct, 2016 Comments: 0
document Which port do I have on my device?
With so many connections available on a wide range of devices, it can be confusing to determine the ports or connections your device has. It can also be very frustrating to purchase a cable or adapter only to find out it is not compatible once you receive it. We wanted to go a step beyond the...
rating 21 Oct, 2016
document A Brief Look At: USB Type-C™
A Brief Look At: USB Type-C™ What is it? Type-C™ is the new USB plug and port connection developed by the USB Implementers’ Forum (USB-IF) which is the governing body for USB technology. It seeks to replace the standard USB (Type-A) found on most computing devices with a...
rating 24 Aug, 2016 Comments: 0
document Thunderbolt™ 3 Firmware and Driver Updates
Thunderbolt™ 3 equipped devices may require and update of the Thunderbolt™ Firmware and/or driver for your cable or adapter to function properly. Please try updating your Thunderbolt™ Firmware to the latest version by following the appropriate link listed below: Dell XPS 13 (9350)...
07 Jul, 2016 Comments: 0

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