EZ-Dock MAC Address Clone Quick Guide

The EZ-Dock utility software is designed for a Windows computer to clone (passthrough) its internal MAC address to a Cable Matters adapter/dock with Ethernet that connects to the computer.

Refer to the steps below about the setup process.

Download and install the EZ-Dock utility software
EZ Dock setup

EZ-Dock setup
Double-click to run the EZ-Dock utility software

A welcome message will appear in the lower right-hand corner of your screen when EZ-Dock starts up.

Click the “Show hidden icons” arrow next to the notification area in the bottom right-hand corner.

Right-click the EZ-Dock icon and follow the steps to set up the software.


EZ-Dock only works when a Cable Matters adapter/dock is connected and the internet is accessed through the Cable Matters adapter/dock. Unplugging the Ethernet cable or the Cable Matters adapter/dock will stop the EZ-Dock program (the EZ-Dock icon is grey when turned off). The initial settings of the computer’s network card will be recovered.

When EZ-Dock is closed (either manually or automatically), wait at least 10 seconds to restart the utility software, otherwise, you may receive an error message: The program is already running.

After 10 seconds, if starting EZ-Dock still sends you the above error message, reboot the computer and restart the utility software.

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