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Cable Matters KVM Switch (201085, 202070, 202071) - EDID Emulation

Article ID: 169
Last updated: 12 May, 2023

Cable Matters KVM Switches do not natively support EDID Emulation.

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Symptom: When switching hosts, the windows and applications that were located on certain monitors will revert to the main monitor.

Cable Matters KVM switches are hard switches. Power, data, and any EDID communication are completely cut off from the previous host after switching.  The window and application configurations are not stored within the switch.

This causes all windows and applications to revert to the selected main display after switching hosts. This is the normal function of a KVM switch that is not an EDID Emulator when used with most operating systems, and this is true when using the Cable Matters switch with Windows 10, macOS.

Solution: Try upgrading to Windows 11

If Windows 11 is an option for you, then please try upgrading. A great feature of Windows 11 is that it stores EDID communication data within the OS. This allows the Cable Matters KVM switch to effectively function as an EDID emulator.

When switching back to a Windows 11 host, all windows and applications will remain where you left them, allowing you to continue, uninterrupted, right where you previously left off.

Article ID: 169
Last updated: 12 May, 2023
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