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Cable Matters Thunderbolt 4 Docking Station (107054) – Firmware Update to Resolve Compatibility Issues

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Last updated: 02 Jul, 2024

Cable Matters released a firmware update for its Thunderbolt 4 Docking Station (107054) to resolve a compatibility issue. Follow the instructions below to update the device firmware if you are experiencing some compatibility issues while using the dock. 

Applies to

This firmware update applies to the following Cable Matters products:

Resolved Issues

The firmware update resolves the following issue:

  • Compatibility Issues with Some Windows Hosts

Firmware Update Instructions

  1. Click here to download the firmware update tool.
  2. Connect the docking station to the computer.
  3. Extract the contents of the ZIP file and run the Update.bat file. If prompted to run the program as an Administrator, click Yes.
  4. The command prompt will open and automatically begin the firmware update process. 
  5. The update usually takes ~4 minutes. Wait until the firmware update is complete.
  7. One the update is complete, you can press any key to close the command prompt window. 
  8. Restart your computer after the firmware installation.

Update Notes:

Once Update.bat is run, the external display will be disconnected from the computer and the program will run on the computer’s built-in display.

Article ID: 180
Last updated: 02 Jul, 2024
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