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HDMI Extender Over Single Cat6 Etherent Cable Supporting TCP/IP

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Last updated: 25 Nov, 2015

Cable Matters® HDMI Extender Over Single Cat6 Etherent Cable Supporting TCP/IP 
(SKUs: 103002, 103002R  )

Product Specifications

Extender Connections

(Transmitter and Receiver)

Audio Video HDMI 19 pin female
Transmission RJ45 female
IR Control 3.5mm female
Power 5V DC power input

Protocol Support

- I/O Audio/Video Signals: HDMI 1.3b, DVI 1.1, DDC
- Category 6 UTP/STP: TCP/IP 568-B
- HDCP Compatibility: HDCP 1.1 (w/ compatible equipment)

Audio/Video Resolution Support

Interlace (50&60 Hz) 480i, 576i, 1080i
Progressive (50&60 Hz) 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080p
VESA Displays Up to 1080p
Audio Support LCPM, DTS Digital, Dolby Digital

Transmission Characteristics

- Category 6 UTP/STP: 100m maximum for 1080p @ 60 Hz
- Video Amplifier Bandwidth: 225 MHz / 6.75 Gbps
- IR Interface: Wideband 30 to 60 kHz

Mechanical (Transmitter and Receiver)

Size (L x W x H) 3.9 x 2.6 x 0.98 Inches
Weight 7.4 Ounces


Operating Temperature 32°F to 104°F
Relative Humidity 20-90% (non-condensing)

AC Power Supply US Standard 5V DC@1A, 5 Feet

Regulatory Approvals

Extender Units FCC, C E, RoHS
Power Supply UL, cUL, C E, FCC

Package Contents (103002)

1 x HDMI Extender Transmitter 
1 x HDMI Extender Receiver 
2 x 5V DC Power Adapters 
1 x IR Cable Transmitter 
1 x IR Cable Receiver 
2 x HDMI Cables 
4 x L Mounting Brackets 
16 x Mounting Screws 
1 x User Manual 

Package Contents (103002R)

1 x HDMI Extender Receiver 
1 x 5V DC Power Adapter 
1 x IR Cable Receiver 
2 x L Mounting Brackets 
8 x Mounting Screws 
1 x Quick Start Guide 


  • Extends any audio/video HDMI connection up to 300 feet from Transmitter box with Cat6; 125 feet with Cat5e
  • Supports video resolutions of 1080p/1080i/720p/576p/576i/480p/480i at 50/60 Hz
  • Supports HDMI High Definition audio for a full range of audio types, including SACD, DVD-Audio, DTS-HD Master Audio, and Dolby TrueHD
  • HDMI Extender Receivers boxes (Model 103006-R) are sold separately. Each receiver box (up to 8) can be connected over existing wiring with a dedicated, unmanaged network switch.

Warranty Limited One-Year Warranty and Lifetime Product Support

NOTE: Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Connection Diagrams

Support Information 

User Manual: User Manual for 103002

Quick Start Guide: 103002R Quick Start Guide 

Product Page: Click to order product 103002 or 103002R from our Amazon webstore! 

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Article ID: 29
Last updated: 25 Nov, 2015
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