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Microsoft Surface Dock Compatiblity with Mini DisplayPort Products

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Last updated: 04 May, 2016

With the launch of the Microsoft Surface dock there has been confusion as to the compatibility of 3rd party Mini DisplayPort products with the device. Microsoft even created a support article on the subject, where they recommend Cable Matters products smiley

The Surface Dock experiences video issues, including failure to transmit any signal, when used with passive Mini DisplayPort cables and adapters. The issue effects only compatiblity with the Surface Dock and not the Surface device (like the Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book). Passive cables and adapters are the most common to find so it is easy to understand how the wrong product can be purchased and lead to frustation.

Cable Matters has a selection of recommend products that are compatible with the Microsoft Surface Dock which have been provided below. Please also find our special note about Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cables as they are the one exception to this issue.

Microsoft Surface Dock compatible products:

Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter - Product SKU#'s 101003-BLACK and 101003-WHITE

Mini DisplayPort to VGA Cable - Product SKU#'s 101015 (white; all lengths) and 101015-BLACK (all lengths)

Mini DisplayPort to HDMI - Product SKU# 101021

Mini DisplayPort to DVI - Product SKU# 101022

Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort Adapter - Product SKU# 101004 (white) and 101004-BLACK

Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable - Product SKU's 101009 (White) and 101019 (Black)

Note: Mini DisplayPort and DisplayPort are essentially the same technology in a different connector. Therefore, you will only find passive Mini DispalyPort cables because the signal does not need to be converted. These cables are compatible with the Microsoft Surface and it's dock.

Article ID: 52
Last updated: 04 May, 2016
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