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An older firmware version included in some models of the Cable Matters 48Gbps USB-C® Video Adapter with 8K Support (201388) may not properly support HDR on computers and displays with HDR support. The older firmware may also cause the adapter to malfunction when connected to certain LG 4K and 8K...
05 Aug, 2021
Symptom: The remote control does not work or works sporadically. The remote control may work sporadically or not at all if the remote battery is dying or dead. Additionally, some switches came packaged with a CR2025 battery, which has been identified as insufficient to power the remote. To...
06 Jul, 2021
The Cable Matters USB-C® Video Adapter is among the first USB-C adapters on the market to support an 8K resolution as specified in HDMI 2.1. This adapter supports up to 8K resolution and 4K 120Hz resolution with compatible computers and displays. System Requirements In general, the adapter...
24 May, 2021
macOS Operating System Update Issue On certain macOS systems, Cable Matters USB-C® or USB-A Ethernet switches, adapters, hubs, or docking stations might fail to work due to an out of date macOS operating system. The Ethernet port might not be detected and might not function. This issue affects...
11 May, 2021
On some new MacBook systems with the new Apple M1 chipset, you may need to configure your Mac’s security settings to enable the installation of a beta Ethernet driver. Apple’s System Integrity Protection feature may block the driver from installing. Without this driver, the Ethernet ports of...
03 May, 2021
If the Cable Matters USB-A 3.0 to USB C Data Transfer Cable (Model 201367) frequently disconnects from the system, you may need to upgrade the cable’s firmware. Follow these instructions to upgrade the cable firmware. The cable contains two firmware chips that must be upgraded separately. NOTE:...
19 Mar, 2021
Symptom 1: Ethernet does not work and the adapter is not recognized by the computer after a Windows reboot, or the adapter is not correctly recognized as an Ethernet adapter. Instead, it is recognized as a CD ROM or storage device In some rare conditions, the Cable Matters USB to Ethernet...
04 Feb, 2021
The Cable Matters DisplayPort MST Multi-Monitor Hub transforms a single DisplayPort or Mini DisplalyPort port into a triple video powerhouse, with support for up to 3 high-definition, high refresh rate monitors. The Multi-Monitor Hub features a model with 2x DisplayPort and 1x HDMI (101065), and...
27 Jan, 2021
The Cable Matters HDMI Extender over Ethernet boosts the length limits of HDMI by carrying the signal over a Cat6 Ethernet cable. This extension method enables you to carry an HDMI connection up to 300 feet on a single cable. Connect multiple receivers through a dedicated Ethernet switch. ...
27 Jan, 2021
System requirements This triple docking station supports dual 4K 60Hz monitors on any computer running Windows / Linux. It also supports a third 4K 30Hz monitor on computers with USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 that has video capability. Not all USB-C ports support all features of USB-C. Some...
21 Jan, 2021

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