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Cable Matters USB-C to (Mini) DisplayPort Cable (201036, 201076, 201336, 201536) – Firmware Update to Fix Compatibility and Performance Issues

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Last updated: 25 Apr, 2023

Cable Matters released a firmware update for its USB-C to (Mini) DisplayPort Cables. This update resolves a compatibility and performance issue. Follow the instructions below to update the device firmware.

Applies to

This firmware update applies to the following Cable Matters products:

Resolved Issues

This firmware update resolves the following issues:

  • Fixes the "USB device might need more power" error message issue with 5V1.5A hosts

Firmware Update Instructions

1) Connect the USB-C to DisplayPort Cable to the laptop

2) Click here to download the firmware update tool.

3) Unzip the firmware update tool and launch the “CheckVersionUpdate” file.

4) If Microsoft Defender prevents the app from opening select "More info" and then select "Run Anyway".

5) If a prompt asks to run the program as an Administrator, click yes.

201036 FW Update Photo

6) The program will automatically detect the chipset version of your USB-C to DP cable, and update the firmware if the chipset version is the correct version.

7) If the program detects an incorrect chipset version, it will stop the firmware update. Other chipset versions do not experience this issue, so the firmware update is unnecessary. 

Article ID: 168
Last updated: 25 Apr, 2023
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