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Cable Matters 201019 USB-C to DVI Adapter

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Last updated: 05 Mar, 2020

System requirement

Not all USB-C ports support all features of USB-C. Some computers and smartphones only support data over USB-C for external storage such as flash drives while some devices support video and charging over USB-C. Check the below article about the USB-C port capability. If you are not sure, please consult the manufacturer for this information.

Symptom: The adapter is not functioning properly on a Windows computer with Thunderbolt 3. Symptoms include no video and flickering video.

Solution: Update BIOS, Thunderbolt 3 firmware, Thunderbolt 3 driver, and Intel Graphics Driver from the manufacturer website. For more details, refer to articles below:

BIOS, Firmware and Driver Updates

Update Intel Graphics Driver

Symptom: No video output through this adapter

It is a known issue that certain old monitors including the 30 inch Apple Cinema Display are not compatible with this adapter. These monitors require dual-link DVI, which has 6 TMDS channels. This adapter is single-link and only has 3 TMDS channels.

Symptom: The adapter is not recognized

Unplug all cables, restart the computer, and then reconnect everything.

For more information about our USB-C products including drivers and user manuals, please visit the USB-C page on our website

Article ID: 109
Last updated: 05 Mar, 2020
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