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Cable Matters 201058 Dual SD Card Reader Not Working with Android Smartphones

Article ID: 112
Last updated: 09 Sep, 2019

Symptom: SD card and microSD cards are not recoginzed on smartphones running Android

Android smartphones do not support the Windows NTFS file system or the macOS APFS / HFS file system. If your SD card has been previously formatted in Windows or macOS, it will not be recognized on your smartphone.  However, you can format your SD card to use the exFAT file system which is universally supported by Windows, macOS, and Android.

Please follow the steps below to fomat your SD card, and remeber to back up your data before formatting.

1. Mount the SD card in Windows

2. Right click the SD card drive and click 'format'

3. In the pop out window, select 'exFAT' in the drop down menu under 'File system'

4. Click Start to format the SD card.

5. Click 'OK' in the dialog box that appears to complete the format process

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Article ID: 112
Last updated: 09 Sep, 2019
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