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Cable Matters 202054 Triple Video USB-C Docking Station Firmware Update to Support 85W Charging

Article ID: 129
Last updated: 15 May, 2020

The docking station supports USB-C Power Delivery host charging of up to 85W. However, depending on the firmware version, the docking station may be limited to 60W. This limitation can be removed by updating the docking station’s firmware.

Follow these steps to update the docking station’s firmware to support up to 85W of host charging:

1) Connect the docking station to your computer. Ensure it is functioning properly, and all drivers are installed and up to date.

2) Download and launch the Firmware Update Tool 'DUD15X0D1_Update_E108'.

3) Check to make sure the Firmware Update Tool detects the docking station. The tool should report the current dock firmware version, and should report an AP device and engineer file have been found.

4) Click the RunIsp button to begin the firmware update.

NOTE: Do not unplug or power off the docking station during the firmware updating process.

5) Once you see the text “FW update all finish!” and both progress bars display 100%, restart the docking station. The docking station should now support up to 85W of Power Delivery charging.

Article ID: 129
Last updated: 15 May, 2020
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