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Host USB-C Port Capability: Power, Data, and Video

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Last updated: 06 Aug, 2018

Not all USB-C ports support all the features of USB-C. Some USB-C ports are designed for charging only while some  have the capability to transfer data or video. Refer to the article below for the list by manufacturer of computers and smartphones that support video over USB-C:

Some computers such as the Lenovo Yoga 910 have more than one USB-C port and they have different functions. The picture below shows that one USB-C port (left) is a charging only port while the other USB-C port (right) supports video and data. Please make sure to plug in your USB-C adapter or docking station to the right USB-C port.

Some USB-C ports have the Thunderbolt technology built in to achieve all features offered by USB-C as well as higher data transfer rate and additional features offered by the Thunderbolt technology. Thunderbolt 3 ports support data, video and charging and usually have the Thunderbolt logo printed next to them. Below picture shows a Thunderbolt enabled USB-C port on a Macbook Pro.

Below picture shows two USB-C ports on a Windows laptop. One USB-C port (left) supports Thunderbolt 3 and therefore offers the video, data, and charging capability. The other USB-C port (right) only supports data and charging without video capability. Please make sure to connect your USB-C / Thunderbolt 3 adapters and docks to the Thunderbolt 3 port on your laptop.

USB-C adapters and docks will work fine when plugged into a Thunderbolt 3 port on a laptop. However Thunderbolt 3 adapter and docks will not work when plugged into a USB-C port without the Thunderbolt capability. Refer to the article below for the list by manufacturer of computers that support Thunderbolt 3. Please contact the laptop manufacturer directly if you are not sure what kind of USB-C port your laptop has.

Article ID: 86
Last updated: 06 Aug, 2018
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