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Firmware and Driver Updates for Microsoft Surface Devices

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Last updated: 09 Sep, 2019

Windows computers may require update of the drivers and firmware for your USB-C cable, adapter, and docking station to function properly. This article is for Microsoft Surface devices.

1. Go to Microsoft suport page

Surface Devices Download Center

2. Click the download link for your Surface device.

3. Select the .msi file that matches your Surface model and operating system version.

If there is not a .msi file that corresponds to the build of Windows 10 you have installed, select the .msi file that is closest to your build number.

4. Find the build of your Surface system.

If you are unsure of what build of Windows 10 you are using, select Start  > Settings > System > About and locate the OS Build number.

5. Follow the steps to install the drivers and firmware.

6. Reboot your Surface device.

7. Plug in Thunderbolt 3 / USB-C device.

For more information about our Thunderbolt products including drivers and user manuals, please visit the Thunderbolt page and USB-C Page on our website.

Article ID: 96
Last updated: 09 Sep, 2019
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